21 January, 2018

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  • Leak Free Environment/Roof Inspections
  • The most important thing to be done is to clean and inspect your roofs annually. Clogged drains lead to premature membrane deterioration and potential collapse. The inspection report is also used for roof condition verification and in acquisition due diligence. A sample of our “Roof Inspection Report for Sustainable Value “ is attached.
  • Energy Productivity and Environmental Impact
  • When repairing and replacing the roof, products that reflect, insulate and extend the life should be considered. Building Power is a leading expert on assessing and recommending material suppliers and contractors that can provide the most efficient and cost effective solutions. Our reports also analyze the current reality of the asset is as it relates to energy efficiency, waste and pollution control as well as the energy producing potential of your roof.
  • Life Cycle Management
  • How to release the power of your roof assets becomes clearer when our analysis extends to your whole portfolio. We think of ourselves as “Eyes of our Customers” in reviewing the fleet nationwide. A sample of our” Portfolio Analysis” is attached.
  • Solar Potential
  • If there is an opportunity to turn the roof into an energy producing asset, Building Power can support the process through recommendations including incentives analysis and financing options. Our expertise includes Solar Photovoltaic systems as well as Solar Thermal Hot Water
  • Maintain & Monitor
  • The key for building systems performance is the discipline of monitoring and maintaining performance. Regular scheduled maintenance visits and remote monitoring capability insure that you are getting the most from your investment. Our cost effective programs are key to superior Asset Management.